Esmarlin Fernandez and Alondra Flores interview Maria Polanco - part 3
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Bronx Senior Storytellers - Maria Polanco - part 3 of 3

Alondra: Can you tell us about a time you have planned something, you outlined everything and it didn't go as planned? Can you talk about that?

Maria: Yeah sometimes, for example some time, let me talk about my vacation. My vacation is according to my birthday. My 11th day I plan it to have it 2 weeks, 3 weeks vacation now they come at me, “no you cannot take it 3, this is a lot of weeks to pay so they block me out one week but I say it doesn’t matter I have to take my week, I go to Paris, I am going to enjoy my week, then the other one I have to put my exercise to keep it working, to keep in shape, because I’m 60 i have to keep my body in good shape in order to have my high heels. A lot of women like to wear high heels. I like to expose myself with dignity and respect myself because if you do not respect yourself, you cannot ask nobody to respect you. You have to respect you in order to demand respect for yourself. I don’t like when people speak to me in nasty words, I don’t like. I like when people approach to me with respect with dignity, with respect, if you ask me favor, I can see you coming, I say okay, I open the time, because I’m a people person and if you have any block out, you have to find a way, think about how you can jump that obstacle in your life because you will find out a lot. In my lifetime I have a lot of blocks, a lot of blocks, but I need to be able to how I jump that one that block me out. I need to jump and I then I want to continue, I fall down again, I go again, I go and get up I say I jump, I go to the next step.

Don’t stop because one thing not coming in the way that you project it, in financial, in education, with family, with everything, everything is in the same direction. Don’t give up. If you give up everything dies. So you have something blocking you, fight for what you dream fight for what you want because that’s what you dream, that’s what you dream, you want to get there. Try to get there. No matter how many obstacles you have in your life, go there. Because that’s your dream, that’s what you want it and that’s what I accomplish and that’s why I feel proud of myself that I’ve been accomplishing so many things so many dreams.

Since I was little, I was a teenager I competed with all my neighbor friends. I competed who cleaned the best, who shining the kitchen best, who ironed the best, who did the lining best, everything I competed. Who dances the best? I like dancing a lot. Who dances the best? So all the time since I was a little girl I was competing. I wanted to try to be the best. I afford myself to be the best and I demonstrated, “yeah that not right! I come to check mine. You not doing work, come and check mine.” See this challenge of self esteem, how to be up, because if you don’t have your self esteem you give up and then everybody come squeeze you down. No, don’t allow nobody in the world come bring you down. You are the one to say “I grew up with self esteem, with the dream that I want to accomplish.” Then God’s gonna give you your dream. Life is so beautiful when you project your life in a positive way. Have your faith in God, without God you cannot do nothing. If you have faith in God, you pray, you go to church; God open up the sky for you. So i have to go to work.
Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council, Grand Concourse
July 18, 2018
BASE CareerCLUE cohort - Summer 2018
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