Interview to my brother Daniel Eusebio about segregation.
Social Studies
Integration and Segregation

In New York there are many people of different races. Some people might experience segregation as my brother said, usually not because of races but social class, for example usually poor people and rich people are not in the same college. He also said is good to have friends from different races, because you get to learn new things, I agree with my brother that it is good because I have learned new things from my friends in High School such as new words. In this interview my brother states how differences are something, both, good and bad because it brings division. I support my brother's position because I have seen in my school that just because you are from another race, you are a little away from those with a very different race, for example Dominicans and Arabs.
New York, Bronx, 10458
Dariel Eusebio
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