"We're dismantling the Soviet union faster than you are" - Donald Kendall
Pepsi conquering the heart of the Soviet people
The time Pepsi had the 7th largest navy

In 1989, the Pepsi corporation had the 7th largest navy in the world, they obtain 17 submarines, a cruiser, frigate and a destroyer. However before we can talk about how the Pepsi corporation got these weapons of war. We must talk about how the trade began in the first place. After Stalin died, under Khrushchev the Soviet Union was reforming and in 1959 with the blessing of him there was an American national exhibition. The expo showed off the merits and wonders of capitalism from televisions, Automobiles and the average house size but the most historical moment was when Nixon persuaded Khrushchev to drink Pepsi after a little debate over communism and capitalism . Khrushchev liked it so much it, he encourage others to try it but that's not where things took off. It happened in 1972 Nixon with some infleunce from Kendall persuaded the Soviet union to buy some Pepsi, the corporation wanted to make money in the Soviet Union but there was a problem the Kremlin decided the value of the ruble, so in reality the ruble was worthless outside of the Soviet union. The CEO of Pepsi Kendall came up with the idea of trading Vodka for Pepsi this went on for a few years but after a while the American market didn't want anymore vodka, so the Soviets decided to traded the warships mentioned earlier for a few million bottles of the sugary drink.
The significance of this ordeal was that Pepsi became the first capitalist product sold in the USSR. The deal was going well for Pepsi the soviets people drank a billion servings of Pepsi every year during the 1980's. The people enjoyed it and Pepsi was making a killing but things turned for the worst the Soviet dissolved in 1989 and the company lost it's assets because now it was spread out into different countries, so during the turmoil Coca-cola beginning taking up shares in the market and bought factories for pennys .
Even though now a days Coca-cola is more popular that Pepsi in the former Soviet countries, Pepsi was we know it for a short time was the was the king. However this story wouldn't be told if it wasn't for the bold and determined spirit of Donald M. Kendall the man who got Pepsi into the Soviet union.
USA and the Soviet Union
1959 and 1989
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