World War I was an incredible turning point in history.

The world war, there is more to it then what we learned in history class. If we look between the lines of world war one has military tactics and casualties that's shocking. In war is do or die and this war descriptively explains this phrase. Genocides due to misunderstandings, Thinking that their own citizens is consolidating with their enemy. Russia was first to mobilize it's armies. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and it's allies. Trench war fair, this military tactic was used during this war against the central powers and allies. During this war it led to the most largest casualties in the world almost 100,000,000 soldiers were lost. The united states were neutral not taking part of war. But with German provocations they finally took part in the war. They declared war against Germany, resulting to horrifying casualties on both sides. Now America is the new ally in war, fighting toe to toe. President Wilson Set up his 14 points to stop any post wars from happening. This war lasted four years and 3 months through 1914-1918 in November and august. This war was the greatest war in history. Which will be remembered through the central powers and over 100,000,000 casualties of soldiers.
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