A Dr. Seuss story about mutually assured nuclear destruction
The Butter Battle Book

"The Butter Battle Book is a rhyming story written by Dr. Seuss. It was published by Random House on January 12, 1984. It is an anti-war story; specifically, a parable about arms races in general, mutually assured destruction and nuclear weapons in particular. The Butter Battle Book was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

This book was written during the Cold War era, and reflects the concerns of the time, especially the perceived possibility that all life on Earth could be destroyed in a nuclear war."

The animated short was produced "by animator and filmmaker Ralph Bakshi, narrated by Charles Durning and produced by and aired on TNT on November 13, 1989".

Despite being written by Dr. Seuss during the Cold War era, it is frighteningly applicable to today. Many political analysts have deemed us on the brink of another Cold War scenario, with tensions between the US, Russia and North Korea seemingly rising daily.

At the conclusion of the animated short, the screen classically states "The End". However, a few moments later refines itself to state "The End (maybe?)". Dr. Seuss, once again, seems to have predicted the future.
January 12, 1984
Dr. Seuss
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