A good example of why maximizing shareholder value encourages war
Russia's Shadow Fleet

This video report has a lot of useful information, but there's just as much information in the comments. In fact, the comments give you a really clear idea of why fascist and authoritarian regimes are gaining strength all over the world.

The video is heavily biased, and most of the comments are heavily biased in the opposite direction. No matter how much factual information both sides have, both their interpretations of the data are flawed because the bias is so strong on both sides.


In short:

1. US and Europe impose sanctions on Russian oil exports following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia

2. The global shipping system reorganizes to conceal where the Russian is coming from and going to

3. The shipping companies operate outside of international norms and the established insurance industry

4. The result is an increase in the price of oil to the consumer, with higher profit margins for everyone involved, including the Kremlin

5. Notably, whatever oil supply was flowing to Europe before, is now mostly flowing to India and China - although in the comments you see how that same supply is also ending up in the USA, with a concealed origin


As long as shareholder value is the only metric that matters - meaning that money comes first, and the only reason legality matters is in the service of money instead of in the service of humankind - then wars have no reason to stop because as this example shows, the Ukraine war is a financial benefit to so many economic actors that it ends up not mattering how many people die as a de facto condition for the increased profits to be actualized.

Discrimination on any basis just makes this situation worse because it gives very large groups of people who are systematically discriminated against, an excellent good reason to screw over other groups they consider responsible - as long as it's profitable to do so, of course!

Quite a mess the world is in now - and this absurd obsession with maximizing shareholder value, no matter the cost, is the real culprit.

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January 2024
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