An AI-generated still frame music video of "Mr. Blue Sky"
Machine learning art
Mr. Blue Sky - But every lyric is an AI generated image

I found this video very cool, particularly in how the AI decided how to both scene-set and stylize the various lyrics of the song.

Some comments:

'I like that the AI interpreted the phrase "Where did we go wrong?" in every context from a relationship to post-apocalyptic humanity.' -- occamssword

'The two different pictures for “every body smiles at you” are so wild because they completely give each identical repeat of the same lyric a completely different meaning and make the identical phrase be a juxtaposition to itself. I also can’t get over how consistent “mr blue sky” looked, not only in subject but he texture, the colors, the composition. What does this ai know about me blue sky that we don’t?' -- Olivia Bodily

'"Everybody smiles at you" is SO interesting because the AI is able to interpret this as, when communicated without context, something deeply unsettling. Of course there is empirical evidence for this - that excessive smiles focused on one subject is typically bad- , but the paintings capture the intuitive understanding that if everyone is smiling at you, the observer, specifically that something is wrong, threatening even.' -- Proxima Centauri
Aug 13th, 2022
SolarProphet; ELO
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