It is as we were Born Guilty
Central Park Five

A young white woman 28 years old went for a jog in central park in New York city. She was sadly dragged down the bushes where she was sexual assulated and beaten. The attack on the young woman upset many, which caused protests to break out. The news broke out on a media platform which led police to focus on a group of black and hispanic boys who were seen at the park. 4 males between the ages 14-15 were shortly arrested. One of the males was with their friend when police stopped them and police arrested the male. His friend was brought in to the police station to wait for his friend but later was dragged into the investigation. All five boys were told if they made a conviction tape and lied they would be able to go home. Most of the boys, not even knowing each other, lied to one another. Police then took the tapes and used the tapes against the boys in court. Which then causes all the boys to be convicted of a crime they didn't do. Netflix created a series called When They See Us which told and showed the stories of the young boys and what they went through and how life was taken from them because of the color skin, the race that they are, the nationality they represent. It’s heartbreaking to me that black and hispanic people suffer everyday to get rights and to be seen as human, as free humans. It breaks my heart that a judge and jury believes a white person over a black person. It saddens me that The white police officers forced these young men to lie by telling them if they do the can go home knowing they were scared. THE SYSTEM NEEDS TO DO BETTER, BETTER FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR.
New York
Emily R Netflix: when they see us
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