Ukraine fights back as struggle continues with Russia.
How do Ukrainians in Russia feel about the crisis?
Ukranian stories about the war.

Ukrainian people are living a nightmare this is a heartbreaking situation. Their homes are being destroyed, separated from their families, and losing their loved ones.

In one heartbreaking instance, a man in the city of Horlivka, a city in eastern Ukraine that is controlled by pro-Russian rebels, was overheard telling a sibling about the death of their mother while her body lay outside a nearby home.

"Yes, Mom's gone, that's all," he was heard saying over a phone call, according to the Associated Press. "That's it, Mom's gone."

"I don't want to die," a young girl named Vlada, who appeared to pray in front of a monastery in the city of Mariupol, told the AP. "I want all of this to end as soon as possible."
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