Jaron Lanier - Who is Civilization for?
Technology and Artificial Intelligence
Jaron Lanier – Who is Civilization for? (+ Q&A with Ulrich Kelber) Willy Brandt Lecture 2018

Taking us back to Alan Turing and the advent of the first computer, Jaron Lanier describes how Artificial Intelligence has taken on the aura of religion, wherein computers will one day surpass humans and make them obsolete, an event know as "the Singularity."

Jaron Lanier explains that the problem isn't with the technology tools themselves, but with the language, storytelling and mythology around machines and AI.

All this can be traced to the tragedy of Turing, a brilliant man who invented the computer that cracked the Enigma code to save his country from Nazi invasion, but was never accepted as a hero and human being due to his sexual orientation. For his achievements he was subjected to medical torture, along with many other gay men who served Britain in the war, and ended his own life.

"We are willing to become stupid to make the computers seem intelligent."

The rate of fake people on social media is rising faster than the ability of companies' to vet those accounts.

He also mentions "womb envy" to describe the creation and worship of these technologies largely by men.

We have to get rid of the business model of manipulation.
Berlin, Germany
December 10, 2018
Jaron Lanier / Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation
YouTube / Bundeskanzler-Willy-Brandt-Stiftung
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