The American Paradox with Dr. Heather Cox Richardson
American History
The American Paradox / Part 1

I want to talk about what American stands for and what America means.

America is revolutionary when it organizes in 1776, because America is the first western nation to grapple with the concept of creating a society in which everybody is equal.

And I'm going to talk about all the people who are not included in that, but that philosophical idea, that human beings should have control of their own destiny, that they should be able to have a say in their society and to make their own laws, so that some rich guy can't come take everything, or that some religious leader can't order you to go kill yourself, or that somebody can't dominate you and make you bend to their will, that is revolutionary.

And that is why I care so deeply about the principles behind American society, because that idea of human self-determination, the idea that we get to choose our futures, seems to me to be the most profound principle that humans can live with.

- Dr. Heather Cox Richardson

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May 30, 2020
Dr. Heather Cox Richardson
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