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Why China's Largest Volcano Is So Unusual

Mount Paektu (known as Changbai Mountain in Chinese) is one of the largest volcanoes on our planet and yet, for the longest time, nobody could explain where it came from or why it exists. As it turns out, the way this volcano works is different from any other on Earth. Recent advances in research techniques, aided by computers, have enabled scientists to make this determination.

The volcano is massive, with a caldera that is 7.3 square miles, the size of downtown Detroit. But somehow it is the only volcano on Earth that doesn't fit into any of the explanations for volcanic activity - the first is the plate subduction zone mechanism, the second is mid-ocean ridge volcanism, and the third is is the mantle plume mechanism.

So Mount Paektu / Changbai Mountain is completely unique, and this video reports on the latest research and theories that account for its existence, particular the way the volcano was formed.

What's completely mind-blowing is how powerful our planet is; below the Earth's crust, in both mantles, the activity involve geophysical forces on a scale of power that is unimaginable to us humans.

This video is fantastic because of the graphics that enable visualizing how these volcanic systems work. Breathtaking.
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