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Georgia Secretary of State’s Office addresses election results

This hero right here reminded me that you can be in the Republican party and not be dangerously sycophantic.

Gabriel Sterling is the Statewide Voting System Implementation Manager at the Office of the Secretary of State for the State of Georgia, and he displays leadership qualities in abundance, along with fundamental professionalism and respect for democracy and the rule of law.

I'm so glad that the administration of the State of Georgia is Republican because at least he won't be gratuitously insulted by Trump voters as soon as he begins speaking.

This is an actual public servant, who understands the difference between party and country, and that doing your job in public service is not the same thing as having a political opinion.

There's nothing partisan in his explanation of how the law works and how it is being applied during a two part process in Georgia, first doing a Risk Limiting Audit, then proceeding to a recount.

His tone is measured but firm, and the subtext to zealots on both sides of the political spectrum is "Calm the **** down, we're going to follow the law." Which is deeply refreshing these days.

He also points out the problem of echo chambers on social media, with a context of "Understand when you are really emotionally tied to the outcome, anything you see that feeds your belief, is believed by you."
Atlanta, State of Georgia, USA
Thursday, November 12th 2020
PBS NewsHour -- YouTube
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