Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
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Journey in Satchidananda

On January 18, 2017 YouTube user Aguirre Cosmico writes:

After her husband's death, Alice continued the spiritual journey she started with John a few years before his untimely end. Indian spirituality and mysticism had played a very important role on the couple's life. On the musical side, it reflects a new type of music. Where indian ragas, harp and chants seamlessly blend with the most avant garde jazz tradition. I have infinite respect for a woman that managed to find her own unique voice and style among the legendary jazz figures of her time.

Another album that must be heard from start to finish.

1. Journey in Satchidananda (0:00)
2. Shiva-Loka (6:39)
3. Stopover Bombay (13:17)
4. Something about John Coltrane (16:12)
5. Isis and Osiris (25:56)

Alice Coltrane — harp, piano
Pharoah Sanders — soprano saxophone, percussion
Vishnu Wood — oud (on track 5)
Charlie Haden — bass (on track 5)
Cecil McBee — bass (on tracks 1-4)
Tulsi — tambura (on tracks 1-4)
Rashied Ali — drums
Majid Shabazz — bells, tambourine (on tracks 1-4)


I played the harp briefly as a young'un. SMAP
Alice Coltrane
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