Anti Maskers = George Floyd(?)
Arizona councilman says 'I can't breathe' at anti-mask rally

A Scottsdale, Arizona town councilman has been criticized after he apparently used the words uttered by George Floyd and Eric Garner as they died under police custody.
Video showed Councilman Guy Phillips saying "I can't breathe" twice before taking off his face mask at the rally.

Just the idea of being "anti-mask" is complete and utter ignorance and Idiocracy. 127k+ lives nationwide taken by the worsening pandemic. That's more than the recorded American deaths total of all american wars except both World Wars and the American Civil War COMBINED. With enough space to fill roughly 10 9/11s and the numbers are only growing exponentially, and all these sheeple want to do is make some fake movement that enables them to wear masks in once restricted areas, like shopping malls with a mask policy. Its america, your freedom to do whatever you want, however its not your freedom to put lives at risk because you believe everything said on the internet. But when you're a political leader, using the last words of 2 black men that died from racially charged police brutality to leverage an already ill educated "movement". Its beyond stupidity, no word in the English language can accurately quantify how idiotic this is. Not even the R-word, a slang that's used against the mentally challenged that i'm not going to say because I want to keep this story free of bad words. But not even that can explain how brainless this is. Just like what Albert Einstein once said "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." and also George Carlin's quote “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”.
Arizona, USA
Scottsdale, Arizona
Alyeard Whitter
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