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My mother

I want to take this moment to explain to several people what were the steps I used to create my video poem. First fill out the Assigment called Shot list which helped me to post all the images and videos I chose to create to put the pages on my video I used and these pages helped me make my video poem more attractive to other people.
I decided to create my video poem about my mother since in the future I always dream of being like my mother and I wanted to teach you how important it is to be our mother. This video poem helped me a lot to be sure of myself and to know that everything in life can be achieved that if we propose to be someone in life we must fight until we find him I always transmit that joy to each person just as my mother has always done my mother has always been my greatest teacher which helps me to improve myself Every day my mother is a very special human being in my life.
In my opinion I think this would be a good expression for several people because they can realize the importance of showing our loved ones how important they are to us. I also think that my video poem can help other people. how to create your own video poem and know how to express it in a wonderful way.

Bronx, NY
April 30, 2020
Bemerly Collado
Crotona International high shcool
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