Save your history for the future
Save your history for the future

Students from Crotona International High School present The Glass Files.



Wei Hao: What are you working on?

Jose: So we're posting stuff on The Glass Files.

Wei Hao: So what is The Glass Files?

Ramon: The Glass Files is a company that connect family history with History.

Wei Hao: So how does The Glass Files benefit you guys?

Julio: So it benefits us because we can share our history with other people but we can also share it with our family, so that in future generations our kids and our grandsons know the kind of people we are.

Wei Hao: That's pretty cool!!!
208 Rider Avenue, Bronx, NY
May 2019
Ramon Garcia, Carlos Nunez, Cristopher Beltre, Angel Diaz, Orlenys Contreras, Julio Cordero, Jose Disla, Wei Hao Ou
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