Time-lapse of my recent artwork
Digital Art

I've been feeling sick lately, and yesterday I had nothing to do at home. After hours of scrolling news-feed on social medias and looking at memes, I felt like I should draw something instead.

I didn't know what I was drawing at first. I came up with ideas as I drew it. So, it took me almost 14 hours to complete this artwork.

This artwork represents a little bit of my life.
I spend most of time using laptop on my bed and stay awake at night. I listen to music all the time. That's why there's AirPods on my ear. I love nature, and quiet environment. The rainbow represents my thoughts. I tried to draw it on top of my head but then realized it ruins the artwork. But also it doesn't make sense if I draw it next to the nightstand. So, I'll fix that later. The hill/mountain behind me represents my curiosity. And those weird looking stuff behind me and next to the nightstand represents imagination.
The Bronx
March 16th, 2019
Muhfasul Alam
Procreate app on iPad
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