Voting in the 2016 US Presidential Election
The importance of the right to vote
Voting for the first time in my life

I voted for the very first time in my life at 38 years old! It took living around the globe, landing in The Bronx in 2005, and becoming a US citizen in 2011 before feeling like i'm some sort of representative of my community (white guy with a foreign accent in the south Bronx...).

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, but i will say that after interacting with dozens of cultures worldwide my entire life, electing ANYONE who discriminates against ANYONE, is an enormous mistake that you WILL regret.

Haters are destructive warmongers, and socialism is in no way a viable solution to economic inequality.

The solution is to be constantly learning, respect our fellow human beings no matter what demographic they represent, and of course, work our asses off every single day. #imwithher
Mitchel Community Center, Mott Haven, The Bronx, NY, USA
Tuesday, November 8th 2016
Philip M Shearer
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