Interview with each team.
Group Work For Block Party.
Beca Students Work Together To Develop Block Party.

Art And Design process:
For Art and Design, we collaborated with the Broadcasting team to develop a unique color scheme for the logo. We discussed pastel colors because of the light warm color, very welcoming and kind unlike other colors such as bold red or blue.

Media And Broadcasting processing:
The Media and broadcasting team have came up with a location for the block party, Claremont park by 170. They thought they were going to need the Art and Design team to give them a logo for shirts and a color way design but later found out we were doing logos individually. The Media and Broadcasting team is also coming up with an idea that will later have a show down between the art design teams design.

Software Process:
The software team is developing a website for the block party. They will be partnering up with the art and design team for a logo or design they could use on the site. An issue they are facing is collaboration and communication within the group.

The marketing team has contributed by making posters. A blockage they are experiencing is coming up with a color scheme.

In story telling, they are interviewing each team for updates and details on how they are contributing to the block party. So far all the teams seem to have ideas and little ways to make the block party closer to completion.
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