Long time home of Jean-Pierre and Margareta Lacarrère

My great-uncle on my mother's side, Jean-Pierre, and his wife Margareta (Marga for short) designed and built this house sometime during the 1970s in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The address is 812 Marbella Lane, Lantana, FL 33462.

This house has one of the most enjoyable and functional floor plans i've ever seen, with the layout almost entirely on the first floor except for the two children's bedrooms.

You enter the house directly into a very large living room with a ravishing wooden cathedral ceiling. This space is at the center of the house, serving as an atrium.

Every room in the house opens onto this atrium, including the garage.

Visiting our relatives in this house was my first conscious experience of the American way of life.
812 Marbella Lane, Hypoluxo Island, Manalapan, Lantana
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