Becoming captain of my school's volleyball team, in the in coming years
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In the beginning of this upcoming story, If you were to ask me "Hey, do you think you'll ever play volleyball?" I personally would've laughed in your face and told you no. I wasn't really into volleyball. I mostly played basketball or soccer at school. When I got into high school sports I wanted to do wasn't available. Soccer wasn't an option, basketball wasn't an option, and the only thing that was open to do is Volleyball. It took me a few days to think about if I really want to do it. The season started really late for the school year, so I had to rush my decision. My mom used to play volleyball in high school. She was the best. She was Captain first year in high school (Freshman). She also retired her number which was #7. She told me a lot of stories and things that would happen in games. Just by her describing them to me I feel an emotion of excitement and something else I couldn't really describe.

After taking in those emotions, I decided I wanted to try out for volleyball. The first day of tryouts I wasn't really good, people I met that day told me to not give up, that I have a lot of potential. I took that piece of advice and carried it with me every where, even to this day. After that in practices I'd try and try and try, even when I felt that I shouldn't keep trying I did. I had the greatest improvement over the next 2 weeks playing in that team. The made me see them as a family. They helped me, taught me, and pushed me to do my best. I couldn't ever ask for a better team. To all the seniors and sophomores that helped me through my first time playing volleyball, I can't thank you enough. The love I have for these girls is crazy!

Now to present times, I tried out for the volleyball team in my school again. I made it through tryouts really good. I became the second potential setter, second strongest server, and may have the possibility to become co-captain. I'm working really hard and really good to gain that spot later on in my years as a team Captain. I could spend hours and hours talking and writing about volleyball and how good of a sport it is.

Lastly, to end it off on a good note. A quote: "You have to be willing to fail to improve." -Al Scales
The Bronx, NY, USA
Brianna Lugo
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