Edmund Kemper is a serial killer who murdered 7 women plus his mother.
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Edmund Emil Kemper III was born December 18, 1948. He’s well known as the Co-ed killer, as his victims were female college students. Ed Kemper had a difficult life as he was growing up, his parents divorced when he was a child then moved from Burbank California to Montana with his mother named Clarnell Strandberg. She always locked him in their basement which made Ed run away to his father, Ed’s father then left him with his grandparents at the age of 15. On christmas day in the year 1963, Ed killed his grandparents, his grandmother was in the kitchen and his grandfather on the driveway. He called his mom which made her call law enforcement. The state of california had a law at the time where they couldn’t arrest a 15 year old, so they sentenced Ed to Atascadero State Hospital as a criminally insane juvenile.

On december 18,1969, 21 year old Edmund Emil Kemper III war released
On parole from Atascadero State Hospital to his Mother. When Ed was released, he went to community college and worked jobs that were low-grade. As all of this was happening for Ed, his and mother’s relationship was getting toxic, they often had arguments that the neighbors overheard. When Ed got enough money, he moved out of his mother’s home to Alameda with a friend. His mother would randomly visit him which he hated.

Keemper got into a crash on a highway, they paid him $15,000, he got himself a car with that money and while driving on that highway, he noticed a lot of female college students hitchhiking. He began to store knives, plastic bags and handcuffs. He started off actually just picking them and giving them a ride, Ed stated he picked up around 150+ women before he felt homicidal sexual urges and began to act on them.

Between May 1972 and April 1973, Ed killed 8 women, 5 college students and 1 high school student, he would pick the women who were hitchhiking and take them to a quiet place to shoot, stab or strangle them. He would take their bodies back to the house to decapitate them, and did a lot of unspeakable things to the bodies of those women. Kemper then murdered his own mother.

May 7, 1973, Ed Kemper confessed about his crimes and was indicted on 8 counts of first degree murder, His trial was going to start on October 23, 1973. The court-appointed psychiatrists found Ed Kemper to be legally sane during his crimes despite him trying to say it felt like another person took over his body. November 8, 1973, before declaring Kemper sane and guilty on all counts, he asked for the death penalty, but with a moratorium placed on capital punishment by the Supreme Court of California, he was given a life sentence in the California Medical Facility in Vacaville.Ed Kemper is still alive to this day at the age of 77.
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