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Philip A Shearer is having a great time

A life time love of driving cars led Philip to begin racing cars in his spare time as soon as his career as a beauty business executive reached a certain level of maturity.

First he tried his hand at Formule Renault (a single seater) in an apprenticeship/mentorship context, then moved to participating in Ferrari Challenge North America races.

He signed up to race Formula Palmer Audi single seaters in the 2003 championship season.

From Wikipedia:
Formula Palmer Audi, officially abbreviated to FPA, and sometimes informally abbreviated to Palmer Audi, was a one-make class of open wheel Formula racing founded in 1998 by former Formula One driver, Jonathan Palmer. It was based in the United Kingdom (UK), and was organised and operated by MotorSport Vision.

There is a video synopsis of this racing season at:
Bedford Autodrome, Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, England
January 2nd, 2003
Formula Palmer Audi
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