Its important we discuss why and how police brutality should be stopped.
Police Brutality
Summary of Police Brutality

Police brutality has been around for many years around the world, but it is mostly talked about in the U.S. Due to police brutality the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement officially started in 2013 due to the amount of cases going up for people of color. The people who are targeted within these police brutality cases are people of color but every race is attacked, lgbtq+ members, and any gender, but the most cases for police brutality are for black people. During the 2020 pandemic the amount of unknown cases for police brutality were finally brought to the world and people were finally realizing that police brutality is a thing and it's affecting many innocent people, even taking lives! It's sad, sick, and cruel that many (not all) but many police officers think that they have so much power that they have the authority to abuse that “power’’ and pick on the innocent. The way people are bringing light and justice to these cases are protesting, suing, publishing articles, rioting, and there are so many other ways but these are the most common and popular ways people fight for justice. It's important we discuss police brutality because it's unfair that many people have lost their lives due to racism and people being themselves.
July 12, 2022
Sabrina Jimenez
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