There have been conspiracies of 5g (The internet connection) causing covid
Here’s where those 5G and coronavirus conspiracy theories came from

The conspiracy of 5g causing covid and other theories some people believe are based on how 5g works. 5g works by sending signals out to the routers and sends the signal through our Obama phones. The signals it sends make some people believe it harms humans. These people believed that since back when 3g was being put up since it had not been tested on harm humans it could cause cancer.It has also being thought that it admits radiation that could damage our dna like x-rays can.Some of the theories for 5g and covid are

1.covid is real and 5g makes it worse
2.covid did not cause the disease and 5g is the cause of all the symptoms
3.covid is fake and its a excuse for the government to install 5g towers under lockdown
July 11, 2022
Grace Rahman
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