Writing about my favorite movie Ratatouille and the meaning behind it
Life Lessons

Remy aspires to be a brilliant chef despite being a rat in a rodent-phobic industry. After having a fall out with his family, he finds himself in Paris - later leading to pursue his goal, and with the aid of hapless garbage lad Linguini, he puts his culinary abilities to the test in the kitchen while also concealing, with amusing results. Remy ultimately has the opportunity to demonstrate his cooking skills to a prominent food critic, to reveal at the end if his food was worth it or not.

Ratatouille is my favorite movie of all times because it has a very beautiful message behind the story. This story isn't just about a rat who wanted to cook. This is about so much more. Connecting and relating to this movies helps me be the person I am right now. Seeing that if a "rat" can do it, so can I. This movie pushes me to believe that giving up is never an option. Even with or without support. The meaning I always get from this movie is that no matter what, who, where you come from, what color, and literally anything you can do it if you put your mind to it. There's going to be obstacles and times where you'll want to completely want to give up, because of people around you. But that shouldn't bring you all the way down because if you're doing something you love or are interested in, you shouldn't let go of that. Doing things for you and only you, to make you happy is the greatest blessing ever.
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Brianna Lugo, Ratatouille.
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