My Experience so far working with Metabronx & The Glass Files
Workforce Development Program
My Thoughts about SYEP CareerClue 2022

So far, my experience with this program has been great. On the first day, I met Sarah, who is the CEO and founder of The Glass Files. It's basically a software company that serves a purpose to allow others to share their stories/history to others throughout the community or the Family. When I originally signed up to do this program, I wanted to gain more work experience to add on to my previous ones and also the money to save to future endeavors towards my career.

Additionally, I also got to meet and hear from Miguel who is the co-founder of MetaBronx. In a way, when he was describing and explaining his story, I could relate because I'm also from the Bronx and it's tough to have access to certain opportunities out here like specifically job experience; so that’s also one of the main reasons why I'm grateful to be getting the full 6 week experience.

Lastly, it's only the second week so, what I'm hoping to get out of this program is definitely more knowledge about what it is to be an entrepreneur and how to run a business. Plus, try to venture into other interests and career paths I have so I can walk away from this internship knowing more about those kind of jobs. For example, I've always been interested in business and marketing so, hopefully I can be put in that team so I can figure out if it's something I really want to do and where it takes me. But yeah, that's all and I look forward to have fun and going through with this program.
The Bronx, NY
Marieme Gueye
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