California is a beautiful place, it has incredible views.
In this chapter i'm talking about some places in California
Everything can change

Chapter III

The next day I got up at 11:15. My mom had made me a sandwich with orange juice and some fruit for breakfast. She was taking a shower and told me to finish my breakfast because we had to do some shopping to decorate our house and it feels more like the "latino" vibe plus we also had to buy my bed, mirrors and a lot of stuff.-Chiara went to take a shower, my mother told me, I nodded and went to the bathroom.

We finished getting ready and headed to a mall. California is a beautiful place, it has incredible views, it is a city that anyone would love and want to visit. We had already arrived at the mall. It was big and very nice, all the stores had nice things to decorate. Something is telling me that we are going to buy many things. My mother and I went into a furniture store to buy my bed, a sofa and many other things.

We entered a furniture store, first the furniture and we decided on a very comfortable and beautiful one, then we saw the bed options we had and decided that a medium would be suitable for me and the size of my room, we went to look for sheets, covers mattresses, pillows, cushions and many other things. We were looking for minimalist decorations but not so small because we have a lot of space, the house is practically empty.

After all those purchases we went to eat Dominican food, it is a delicious meal, to eat my mother and I ordered the same dish "sancocho", it is like a chicken broth with pork and beef, with groceries and corn, to drink She ordered a lemon juice and I ordered an orange juice. After that delicious meal, we ordered a taxi to go home.

-The furniture arrives in two days, that means I will have to sleep with a cockroach for two more days, my mother told me and I laughed. We got home and I said dramatically-I missed you home and my mother answered me saying-Liar-Who wouldn't miss this beautiful house? I told her joking with her,-You would like to be out there living a crazy and good life, my mother told me following the joke and I just started laughing.

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