Chapter II: in this chapter i'm talking about how she felt at the airplane
In this chapter i'm talking about how she felt at the airplane because it was her first time
Everything can change

After all that long wait it was time to board the plane, at the entrance of the plane there was a stewardess welcoming everyone. Finally we went in and sat down and I just told my mother "This is real" and she just laughed at me, the plane was big, the seats were very comfortable and everything was like she had seen them in the movies. The plane started to move and I said- Holy Virgin Mary please protect us and my mother laughed, the plane took off and everything looked beautiful from up there, all those lights were beautiful, my country is beautiful.

The plane stabilized in the air and the stewardesses started moving around the plane asking if we needed anything or if we wanted to buy something but my mother and I were fine. When the stewardesses stopped coming down the aisle I told my mother that I wanted to go to the bathroom, we got up and went, then we went back to our places and I put on the movie “Avengers Endgame” it is a very good movie, I have seen it hundreds of times.

-Fasten your seatbelts we are about to land, said the pilot, the flight was calm, when we started to land the plane shook and I got a little scared. We finally landed at the airport in California.With we entered the airport I felt like I was in a movie from Netflix. We were very tired, so we looked for our bags and went out to order a taxi.

When we got into the taxi my mother and I were very tired. It was 3:00 in the morning, I wanted to stay awake but sleep overcame me and I fell asleep in the taxi while we were on the way home. My grandmother lived here in Los Angeles and she died 1 year ago and my mother was her only daughter so she inherited the house. It is not a super extravagant house but it is not a small house either.

After that long road to home, my mother wakes me up and tells me -welcome to your new home and I said -Thanks. When we entered the house my mother showed me the room. That night I had to sleep with her because my room still didn't have a bed. I just curled up between the sheets and went to sleep because I was very tired.

From Cuba to California
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