Chapter I: She was sad because she was going to leave her country
In this chapter i'm talking about some feelings that i felt when i left my country
Everything can change

- I don't want to leave Cuba mom, please, can I stay? I can't leave like this out of the blue without warning and say goodbye to my friends.
- The decision is already made Chiara, pack your things and we leave at 8pm tonight.
When I heard those words I felt like my world was falling apart. I packed my things sad and cried inconsolably. I didn't want to leave. I love my country, its culture and its typical food like "Ropa Vieja" which is a dish made of beef. I’ll miss my friends a lot.

"Everything’s ready Chiara? In an hour we leave so everything has to be ready," says my mother, I just nodded. I am so sad that the words do not come out of my mouth. My mother and I got ready to leave for the airport. We will leave at 5pm because the airport is a bit far from our house or I meant to say our old house. "I already ordered the Uber, it will be here in 5 minutes," my mother tells me, I just keep crying in silence, she hugged me and told me "Don't worry, everything will always be fine. I'll be here for you, we're a team remember?" I just gave my mother a sad smile.

The 5 minutes passed faster than I expected. We put the bags in the car and my mother said goodbye to our family for the last time. My family was very sad but they understood that we had to leave. We got into the taxi, my mother in the passenger seat and I was seated in the back. The road to the airport was like torture for me, I didn't want to leave Cuba, my dream was always to be recognized in my country and make history, I wanted to be one of the rich people in Cuba and have my own company. My mother says that I can still be the pride of Cuba while in the United States because I have more opportunities there for studies.

Finally we arrived at the airport, I was already a little calmer because I knew that my mother would always be there to support me and that she only did this because she is looking for the best opportunities for her daughter, but I am afraid that we will never return to Cuba. My mother and I are already checked in, this feels unreal. I never thought we would have to leave the country and less in such a sudden way.

We've already passed everything from the check in, we're sitting in the departure lounge. "Do you want to eat something Chiri?" my mother asked, she has called me Chiri since I was 7 years old, "yes mommy," I told her and she says, "Let's go buy a sandwich." I just shook my head. That sandwich was delicious. There was only an hour left to board the plane, I was very nervous. I was so nervous that I felt the plane was going to fall because it was my first flight but my mother was there to support me and she made me feel better.
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