Martin Luther King Jr., American civil rights activist and leader
American history

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Georgia on January 15th, 1929.

After being unsure of the teachings of Christianity, King entered the ministry, where he sought to answer the "inner urge to serve humanity." In 1955, he obtained his Ph.D. in systematic theology.

Later that year, he led the year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott, for which Rosa Parks was famously arrested.

Basing his protests on nonviolent civil disobedience, Dr. King's efforts as a civil rights leader culminated in the 1963 March on Washington. The demands made included an end to racial segregation: in public schools, in the workplace, in housing, in the streets, and legislation for equality for all.

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, he delivered his landmark "I Have a Dream" speech, describing his hope to see a desegregated America.

Dr. King was assassinated in 1968 at the age of 39, ahead of a protest march he was to lead. Days later, the Civil Rights Act of 1968 was passed.

In 1979, President Ronald Reagan proposed that Dr. King's birthday become a holiday. It is celebrated on the third Monday of January in the United States.

His legacy continues to shine in modern-day America, and tomorrow is a celebration of his work and fight for equality.

"The time is always right to do what is right."
Washington, D.C., USA
January 15th, 1929
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