Contempt for the law and the rule of law
Finance and law

Elon Musk, like Donald Trump (he did sit on the 45th President's Council of Economic Advisers, after all), has frequently displayed a contempt for the law - in his case, especially securities law - when it doesn't favor *him* and his *wants*.

Musk, Twitter sued by Florida pension fund over $44bn takeover

Florida pension fund sues Elon Musk and Twitter to stop buyout

I think this is a trait shared by all billionaires, a sense that because they're that rich, they simply must "know better".

Which when you think about it, is an extremely stupid idea, because having money doesn't in any way prove you know anything other than how to make money.

A skill which, in and of itself, signifies... absolutely nothing.

But it's interesting that this sense that they're simply better than anyone else is accompanied by a contempt for the rule of law, because contempt for the rule of law is exactly what any and all authoritarians agree on, regardless of where they're from...

In an authoritarian system, the "dear and supreme leader" IS the law.

We really should be forewarned.
United States of America
Sunday May 18th 2022
Philip M Shearer / Jef Feeley at Bloomberg / staff at The Guardian
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