What is depression?
Mental Health
How can depression affect you.

Depression is a serious and common illness that affects us physically and mentally in our way of feeling and thinking. Depression can make us want to withdraw from our family, friends, work, and school.Depression is the feeling of frustration, of wanting to be alone and drowning in sadness.

Depression can affect anyone, of any economic level and at any age. Mental illnesses do not discriminate! They affect rich and poor, black and white, Hispanic/Latino and Asian, the elderly and children. We have no control over it.

We can take back control of our lives. We don't need to live feeling anxious, sad and irritable. We don't need to spend sleepless nights either!

Anyone experiencing depressive symptoms should be treated. Although they say that antidepressants are good, it is always better to treat it naturally, for example, exercise, writing, meditation, baking, support groups, etc. And if none of this helps you, just go seek God.
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