How Netflix Started.
History of Entertainment
History of Netflix

We've all watched Netflix before, but do we know the story behind it?

Netflix one of the most popular platforms was born in 1997, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph created a video store with this name. Initially in California, in the United States, they offered a subscription service through which their customers could order DVD movies for home delivery.

But the service started to grow rapidly when streaming viewing was introduced. That is, when the same subscription model changed to online content playback. It was then that it began to spread to new places and become popular in an important way.

But one of the main reasons that has helped Netflix grow and differentiate itself from traditional television and its competitors are Netflix Originals. That is, the company's own content and productions.

Now 190 countries can enjoy Netflix. Their subscription numbers exceed more than 200 millions. With his original productions, he has won more than 40 Emmy and has won an Oscar.
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