What is Deja Vu and why does it happens?
Deja Vu
The mystery and meaning of Deja Vu

What is Deja Vu?
We’ve all felt the eeriness of Deja Vu – that feeling that you’ve already been here, already seen this, already had this conversation, but you’re just not sure when and where it occurred previously.

For example, imagine you’re on vacation in a new place. You’ve never been here before, and yet, when walking down the street in this brand-new city, you suddenly feel absolutely positive that you’ve walked these streets before.

Why does Deja Vu happen?
Deja Vu can happen for a myriad of reasons: some spiritual, some otherwise.

Science tells us that Deja Vu occurs when your brain tries to connect a present experience with a past one and fails. This is likely true in many cases! At the same time, though, your intuition may be trying to communicate with you through the feeling of Deja Vu.

For example, you carry the energetic imprints of your ancestors from seven generations back– all the way back to your great-great-great-great-great-grandparents! These ancestors passed down experiences and wisdom to you through your cells. When you experience Deja Vu, your present experience may have just triggered ancestral patterning or intelligence.

In addition, Deja Vu can point to past life experiences, evidence of a clairvoyant dream, or matching vibrational frequencies. In all of these cases, experiencing Deja Vu occurs because you’re perceiving something with one of the five senses that you have experienced before, somewhere, at some time– it may have been in this lifetime, or in another one!

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