Two individuals fall in love using the same love tactics.
Romantic movie
Love Tactics

Aslym is a fashion blogger who doesn't believe in love. Aslym has a blog where she criticizes men saying they don't care about the details but how they feel. Kereem is an advertising executive who is campaigning for her job. Aslym's friend was suffering from her because she is in love with a boy and he doesn't answer her anymore and Aslym, who thinks she is an expert in her love, starts telling her all the tactics that the boy did with her. One night, while Aslym was writing her article, she received an anonymous message saying that why she only gives advice and does not apply it and she intends to make a man fall in love using her tactics. On the other hand, Kereem's friend is very sad because his girlfriend broke up with him and tells Kereem that he doesn't understand since Kereem has never been with the same girl twice, Kereem replies that he is not like that, and that he understands perfectly to women and his friend challenges him to conquer a girl. But everything turns upside down when the two end up falling in love since both used the same love tactics.
Bronx NY
April/ 4 /2022
Joeilys Soto
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