Work Together to Prevent Child Abuse in the Near Future
Child Abuse
Child Abuse Prevention Month

Every child deserves to live in a safe and loving household; yet, for hundreds of thousands of children across our Nation, abuse and neglect are a tragic reality. National Child Abuse Prevention Month, also known as Child Abuse Prevention Month in America, is an annual observance in the United States dedicated to raising awareness and preventing child abuse. April has been designated Child Abuse Prevention Month in the United States since 1983 by US president Ronald Reagan . U.S. President Barack Obama continued that tradition, and in 2016 issued a Presidential proclamation stating: "During National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we recommit to giving every child a chance to succeed and to ensuring that every child grows up in a safe, stable, and nurturing environment that is free from abuse and neglect.

Communities around the nation come together to support families and children by reinforcing strategies that are working. Outreach programs, resources, and activities offer tools for identifying abuse and neglect. With each opportunity, we bring hope to families and come closer to an end to child abuse and neglect.

HOW TO OBSERVE #ChildAbusePreventionMonth
* Support child abuse prevention programs.
* For more information on National Child Abuse Prevention Month visit
* Promote the prevention of child abuse by using #NationalChildAbusePreventionMonth on social media.
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