Awareness of Cancer
Cancer Control Month

Since 1938, the President of the United States has proclaimed April as National Cancer Control Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness for cancer prevention and treatment throughout the US. For many years, the death tolls from cancer have steadily declined, due in part to better education and heightened awareness about how to prevent certain types of cancer, recognize the signs and symptoms of cancer, and how to seek proper treatment.

Although cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the US, it is also one of the most easily preventable. Making an effort to protect your body and utilizing the available resources can help prevent a future cancer diagnosis, or even death.

Cancer researchers have identified several lifestyle decisions that Americans can make to reduce their risk of cancer, such as quitting tobacco, eating healthier, exercising regularly, using sun protection and undergoing recommended screenings.

National Cancer Control Month is a great time to look into MANY ways to prevent cancer and its treatment complications. Thus, the goal of National Cancer Control Month is for Americans to lead healthy and productive lives, with the hopes that by educating yourself and doing research, we can help in the decline of cancer-related deaths in the near future.
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Wasila Ibrahim
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