Hayao Miyazaki, known for his international meticulous anime features

Known for his meticulous work, his internationally-acclaimed anime features, and a career that spans fifty years, the Japanese illustrator and director was born in Tokyo, on January 5th, 1941.

His unique style and technique are coupled with the exploration of themes on environmentalism and nature, strong female leads, peace, and overall positive and optimistic stories. Miyazaki is extremely involved in the production of his films, and prefers hand drawn animation over computer-generated imagery.

Miyazaki's father and uncle worked at Miyazaki Airplane, where plane parts were manufactured during World War II. Miyazaki has attributed his fascination with flying and aviation to this chapter in his childhood.

He recently came out of retirement (reportedly, for the sixth time!) in order to work on a feature animation.
Tokyo, Japan
January 5th, 1941
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