Acclaimed science fiction author Isaac Asimov was born in Russia

Acclaimed Science Fiction author Isaac Asimov was born in Russia in 1920.

At the age of three, Asimov moved to the US with his family.

As a boy, he convinced his father to let him read science fiction magazines by noting that the publication title contained the word "science" and was therefore educational.

He was not admitted into medical school, and initially also rejected from the Columbia graduate program in Chemistry.

After obtaining his M.A. in Chemistry and PhD in Biochemistry, Asimov did a short stint in the US Army, and started working at the Boston University School of Medicine where he became a tenured professor.

Asimov's writing generated more income than his teaching. His most famous works, including the Foundation series, the Galactic Empire series, and the Robot series, center around the concepts of psychohistory and robotics, both terms coined by him.

However, Asimov did not stick to his comfort zone; he was an incredibly prolific writer.

The Dewey Decimal Classification, a library classification system for books invented by Melvil Dewey in 1876, includes writings by Asimov in 9 of their 10 categories, with the only exception being a work in Philosophy and Psychology.
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January 2nd, 1920
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