Harriet Tubman (née Araminta Ross)

Harriet Tubman (née Araminta Ross) is best known for her American antislavery activism, covert military espionage during the Civil War, and her involvement with the Underground Railroad.

In 1849, she escaped from a lifetime of slavery in Maryland and made her way to Philadelphia, a safe haven for former slaves. She thereafter dedicated her life to organizing rescue missions for slaves in the South.

The Underground Railroad, established by a group of abolitionists, was a network of safehouses and clandestine escape routes which enabled slaves to pursue their freedom. Harriet Tubman was the Underground Railroad's "conductor", and communicated with freedom-seeking slaves through coded song.

In November 1860, Tubman embarked on her final rescue mission. She arrived in Auburn, New York on this day that same year.
December 28th, 1849
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