"The Legend of Zelda" was released in 1986
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The Legend Of Zelda

"The Legend of Zelda" was released on February 21st 1986.

Developed at the same time as another Nintendo classic, "Super Mario Bros", "The Legend of Zelda" was an ambitious project, meant to challenge gamers in a very different way.

Where Mario emphasized a single direction, Zelda was designed to be approached in a non-linear fashion, dropping the player in an open world with very little in the way of obstacles and direction. Industry legend Shigeru Miyamoto reportedly based this style on his childhood experiences of hiking and spelunking.

As another industry-defining innovation, a battery was included in each cartridge, allowing gamers to save and resume progress. This massive series has influenced video games for generations - with a new Zelda game coming out next week!
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
February 21, 1986
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
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