Charles M. Schulz's last comic of "Peanuts"
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Charles M. Schulz's last original comic strip of "Peanuts" was published on February 13th, 2000.

It first appeared on October 2nd, 1950, was published in seven newspapers in the United States, and ran as a weekly in the Sunday paper in 1952.

"Peanuts" became a hit - at its peak, it was published daily in 2,600 papers across 75 countries, translated in 21 languages, and had an estimated readership of 355 million people!

Schulz always drew new comics; the only time reruns were printed in the paper is when he took the single vacation of his career, to celebrate his 75th birthday.

Schulz drew 17,897 strips, and negotiated in his contract that no other artist could draw the strip.
Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
February 13, 2000
artwork by Charles M. Schulz - post by Chanez Baali
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