Dominican Republic Coat of Arms located in the middle of the flag
Shield inside Dominican Flag
Dominican Coat of Arms

The Dominican Republic Shield was created by Casimiro Nemesio de Moya in 1913 and it consists of 3 colors, a bible, a verse, a bay laurel branch on the left, a palm frond on the right and above the shield, a blue ribbon displays the national saying: Dios, Patria, y Libertad (God, Homeland, Liberty).

The color red stands for the blood of the fighters during the Independence fight, the blue symbolizes the firmament covering the country and from where God protects the nation and its ideals while the white expresses peace and union among the Dominicans. An alternative theory considers the blue as a symbol of the battles fought to ensure a free nation to the coming generations while the white alludes to God looking after the nation.

In the center of the shield is located the Bible opened by St John’s Gospel, 8,32. On it is seen a cross which, beside the sacred book, emerges from a trophy made by two spears and four national flags without a shield. The verse goes, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
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