How Dominican Republic got it's independence from Haiti and Spain
Dominican War of Independence

Each year on February 27th Dominicans celebrate their country “Dominican Republic” Independence. Before the year 1821 Dominican Republic was ruled by Spain. As time went by, The Dominican Republic wanted their freedom and rebelled against Spain and won their war in 1821. Haitians were fighting off their French colonizers and achieved independence in 1804 becoming the second European colony in the Americas to achieve independence. its revolution constituted one of the largest and most important slave revolts in all of history, Dominica suffered under Haitian rule. In 1838, three educated and "enlightened" Dominicans named Juan Pablo Duarte, Ramón Matías Mella and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez founded a resistance organization called “La Trinitaria” due to their decision to divide it into three smaller cells, each of which would operate with almost no knowledge of what the other cells were doing. In this highly secretive way, La Trinitaria set about gathering support from the general populace, even managing to covertly convert two regiments of the Haitian army.

Finally, on February 27, 1844, they were forced to make a move. Though Duarte was away on the mainland seeking support from the recently-liberated peoples of Colombia and Venezuela, La Trinitaria received a tip that the Haitian government had been made aware of their activities. Seizing the moment, they gathered roughly 100 men and stormed Puerta del Conde, forcing the Haitian army out of Santo Domingo. Sánchez fired a cannon shot from the fort and raised the blue, red, and white flag of the Dominican Republic, which still flies over the country today.

If you follow closely, you’ve noticed that over the last 500 years the Dominican Republic was under the rule of Spain, France, Spain again, and Haiti. No wonder Dominican people celebrate their independence for a whole month every year.

Dominican Republic
February 27, 1844
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