This US dollar coin honored a woman's face on US coins for the first time

This US dollar coin, also known as the "Anthony dollar", honored a woman's face on US coins for the first time. Initial production began on December 13th in 1978, at the Philadelphia Mint (note the "P" on the coin), and coins began circulating in 1979.

Susan B. Anthony, mostly known for her pivotal role in women's suffrage, tried to vote in 1872 (an election won by 18th US President and General Ulysses Grant), and was arrested and convicted. She refused to pay the fine and nothing further happened.

Along with close friend and collaborator Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she led the women's rights movement, heavily lobbying for equal education, full citizenship for women and people of all races, the abolition of slavery, and laid the groundwork for women's voting rights by introducing a proposal to Congress in 1878.

This became the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution which passed in 1920.
United States of America
December 13th, 1978
Chanez Baali
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