Pool/Beach Day

Day 25
Today would have been the best day since I have been in Africa. It was full of adventure and fun. We went to this private pool that is connected to a beach and it was beautiful. A girl doesn't know how to swim (don’t ask) but I am tall so my legs can reach the bottom. But today I learned from my sister and I got better. They gave us food and it was a buffet and free. It was just amazing. First we were on the beach and got into ugly salt water and then we got into the pool and these kids were testing me so I had to take matters into my own hands but we had fun. Then this little baby kept crying because she wanted to be in the water by herself but her mom would not allow her so I took her and swam with her. She was the cutest. It was a great day and then we left but we will go back before I leave. BUt luckily I had fun because the next 13 days can’t have no play.
Marina Bay at Daker, Senegal
Djenabou Diallo
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