Adventure At Beautiful Place
African Slaves

Day 24
Today was an important day because the location we went to is history. Me and my family went to Goree Island which is the place where African slaves were brought from all over and kept there because there was a water source near the island. They kept them there so when the ships came to take them to America there was access to a door right near the water. as I was going through that place it was so sad to even look at because on the signs it was each cell where they put females, men, children and even infants.Also even where they had separate rooms for people that disobey them and tried to run.The whole island was steep and had rock because they didn't want dare to be easy access for slaves to run. I went through all the rooms they even had the chains That slaves were chained with and the guns used on them.Like I was I was walking through that all I could think about was like oh my God my ancestors were probably here are some of them even probably died here and everything was like setting in. The door next to the water is where they called the last door where the last bit of slaves passed by and went to America. Then we went to a room where there was a cold and letters from the president. There was even a picture where Barack Obama had gone there and Nelson Mandela visited. It was a nice and Island where people now live but the history behind it is sad .But I'm happy that I was able to go there and actually have pictures to memorize.
Goree Island
Djenabou Diallo
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