Chill Week

Day 17-20
This whole week was a very chill week. I was just juggling through meetings, work, and trying to do a lot of things before I leave. I was at home most of the time while my parents went to see my grandpa. He had to stay in the hospital overnight and they won't let people see him or they won't even update someone. But they will keep going everyday cause they need to do some test. But I caught that sunset outside my room and the color is so nice. My plans are mostly on the weekends.
Day 21 and 22
Yesterday I went out and we drove to my cousins and we came back and cooked a good dinner because we been starving for some good food. Then we went on the roof or a little and came back. Nothing exited. But tomorrow we are going to a waterpark and we will be in the pool/beach. Then Saturday we will go to the place where slaves were first brought in Senegal(Gore). Then Sunday we will go to the monument of the famous Statue I have shared on here.
Daker, Senegal
Djenabou Diallo
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